Gustav Rottweiler

NutriScan Case Study: Gustav; Rottweiler

7 year old, neutered male Rottweiler


Started losing weight; went from 132 to 107 points, chrnoic diarrhea with gas rumblings in abdomen; stress of loss of housemate; reluctant to eat and play (chasing squirrels and lizards_. Whenever he was taken off a turkey and sweet potato diet his bowel problems returned. Confirmed by veterinatrian to have inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), put on corticosteroids and Zantac before meals. 


Nutriscan performed; showed reactions to chicken, corn, white fish, lentils and oatmeal. 


The reactive foods were removed, especially oatmeal, which he had been eating. His new diet includes turkey, sweet potato, and added bison, venison and marrow bones, plus mixed vegetables. He gained back 20 points rapidly, has a firm stool, and resumed his playing and ate eagerly. 


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