About Hemolife Diagnostics

Hemolife is dedicated to providing the highest quality laboratory diagnostic work and expert interpretation of data. Hemolife is unique in routinely offering expert clinical interpretive diagnostic comments that take into account the age, sex, and breed type, and activity of the animal; this yields an expected normal reference range for an individual pet (termed the “Case Specific” range on our reports) that differs from the generic broad reference range for the species (termed “General Range” on our reports). Hemolife has participated in the regular Endocrinology Proficiency Testing from the Veterinary Laboratory Association Quality Assurance Program (VLA-QAP) since 2008.

Results of each sample are reviewed and reported by the Hemolife staff on our unique Cloud-Based computer technology Laboratory Information System (LIS). They are then personally reviewed and interpreted by W. Jean Dodds and two trained veterinary colleagues, Drs. Andrew Zuckerman and Gary Richter. If further consultations are required for these cases, veterinarians or pet owners can discuss the case with W. Jean Dodds and Staff at no additional charge.


  • CBC, Differential, full Chemistries
  • Distemper & Parvovirus Titers
  • Rabies Titer
  • Panleukopenia Titer (cats)
  • Hepatitis (adenovirus) Titer
  • Equine Titers
  • von Willebrand Test
  • Thyroid Profile 5™ PLUS (T4, free T4, T3, free T3, TgAA – PLUS CBC, Differential, Chemistries)
  • Thyroid Profile 5™ (T4, free T4, T3, free T3, TgAA)
  • Thyroid GOLD™ Registration & Certificate ONLY (Order with ANY Thyroid Profile 5)
  • Thyroid Profile 4 PLUS (T4, Free T4, T3, Free T3 – PLUS CBC, Differential, Chemistries)
  • Thyroid Profile 4 (T4, free T4, T3, free T3)
  • Thyroid Profile 2
  • OFA Thyroid Registry (free T4 ED, TSH, TgAA)
  • OFA Thyroid (Expanded Profile: T4, T3, free T3, T4AA, T3AA and OFA (FT4ED, TSH, TgAA)

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