Hemopet established the first private non-profit animal blood bank 1991. Hemopet’s licensed full-service blood bank provides state-of-the-art blood components and supplies for transfusions to veterinary clinics nationwide. We strive to make transfusion medicine practical, safe and affordable. Please contact us at (714) 891-2022 should you have any questions about our services. Consider The Hemopet Advantage!

The quality and safety of our blood services plus the comprehensive care of our donors is our highest priority. Please consider the following when deciding on blood services to use for your patients:

  • All Hemopet donors have blood type DEA 4 (C) and are tested negative for the other known canine red blood cell antigens, including DEA 1.1 (A1), DEA 1.2 (A2), DEA 3 (B), DEA 5 (D) and DEA 7 (Tr), the antigens associated with clinically significant transfusion incompatibilities in dogs.
  • True canine “universal donors”‘ have only DEA 4 on the surface of their red blood cells. Dogs typed only as DEA 1.1 & DEA 1.2 negative are not true universal donors. They have not been blood typed for DEA 3, DEA 5 or DEA 7, which may cause transfusion reactions.
  • Hemopet screens above and beyond the recommended ACVIM guidelines [ACVIM Consensus Statement (Canine and Feline Blood Donor Screening for Infectious Disease, J Vet Int Med 19:135-142, 2005)].
  • Our donors have been serologically screened for Mycoplasma haemocanis, Leishmania spp., canine brucellosis, Borrelia burgdorferi (Lyme disease), Dirofilaria immitis (heartworm disease), Ehrlichia canis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Coccidioides immitis, Babesia canis, Babesia gibsoni, and plasma levels of von Willebrand factor.
  • In addition, we are licensed by the California Department of Food and Agriculture, Animal Health Branch for the production of biologics.  California has the tightest regulations in the nation for animal blood donors, which assures safe and efficacious blood services.
  • In compliance with state regulations, Hemopet’s donor dogs are maintained in a closed colony, which means they are not exposed to other dogs except the greyhounds housed on the premises and also receive on-site veterinary supervision and maintenance.  This surpasses the typical federal USDA Animal Welfare Act requirements.
  • We use Adsol (AS-1) as the nutrient solution that extends the shelf life of our Canine Packed Red Blood Cells to 42 days.  Adsol is superior to other blood services that only maintain red cell life for 30 – 35 days.
  • We collect only “single” units from our donors without anesthesia (good for donor and recipient) using human blood collections supplies. The single unit collection causes no untoward physiological effects or blood volume depletion that would require fluid replacement, thus keeping donors healthy and readily available for placement in permanent homes (blood services are not pooled together to make larger units).

Hemopet provides an enriching environment for our donors:

  • All our dogs get plenty of outside exercise, socialization and playtime with our staff, plus daily visits with volunteer groups, other individuals and persons with special needs.
  • We have an extensive adoption program, Pet Life-Line, which works with many other adoption organizations and foster homes to place our greyhounds into loving homes.  They are never again used as blood donors.

Thank you for supporting our non-profit Blood Bank and Greyhound Adoption Program.

Veterinarians: Please call (714) 891-2022 to order.

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