Estate and Trust Planning with Your Companion Pets in Mind

While many of us realize the sad but grim reality that our companion pets will more than likely die before us, we need to consider the possibility that we may cross the rainbow bridge first due to an unforeseen accident, disease or age.

You may have said casually to a friend or a relative that you would like them to care for your companion pet because they have developed a bond with one another.

As we all know, caring for a companion pet involves more than just love, but also expenditures such as food, toys, treats, water, shelter, veterinary care, grooming, nail trims, leashes, medications, preventatives, supplements, litter, carriers, and harnesses or collars.

Unfortunately, if the person you designated as the caregiver is not able to care for your pet financially or life circumstances have changed for them, you should set up a trust for your pet. A trust can designate a second household or provide for the caregiver you chose first. When expenditures arise, the trust can provide the necessary funds for your companion pet to live a long and happy life.

We suggest you contact your attorney to set up a trust for your companion pet. If you would like some information first or to help your attorney with the language, The Humane Society of the United States provides an excellent resource guide to help you two get started.

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