Mark and I want to thank Hemopet and Betty so much for all of her help and advice with our two new greys!!! We were so saddened by the loss of RedMack and Benched was not doing well being an only dog 🙁 Hummus and Muse settled into our home right away and are enjoying all of their “retirement benefits”. They have fit into the pack nicely so we made this video for you.






Hi Betty & Elizabeth,

Thank you so much Betty for introducing us to Zack. He was a very shy, scared dog at first but is doing wonderful with Bobby, his Grey brother and our cat Jake. He has a very sweet personality, loves to be around us and is quite animated in the early morning hours!

Keith took this picture of ‘The Boys’ this morning and I thought I would send it to you to let you see how Zack has settled into his new home.

Thank you again for all that you do for these wonderful dogs!

Melania & Keith


This is our boy Ferdie. He came to us after the loss of our dog Phinneas. My son Noah, had picked Phinneas out and in one short year he was gone. We were all heart broken and decided not to adopt another dog and just love on our border collie mix Zena. Then on New Years day on a walk around Lake Mission Viejo, we met Gumbo and his owner. She told us all about Hemopet and the work they do. Well that was all it took. We sent an email to Betty and in one week we were at Hemopet and then we came home with Ferdie.

We cannot thank Betty enough for placing Ferdie with us. He is really such a important part of our family. We love the Ferd so much we have asked Betty to find us another one!! No easy task for her since we have 2 small kids, 2 dogs, one cat and three horses! Thank you again to everyone at Hemopet.

The Reynens,
Jim, Jennifer, Grace and Noah




Hi Betty!

I just wanted to THANK YOU for the awesome job you did helping us find the perfect greyhound for our family. Having been turned down by another greyhound adoption group due to the age of our youngest was discouraging but I am so thankful now as it led us to you and to Daphne! I appreciate the time you were willing to take with us and the kids, really giving us a chance to get to know Daphne before taking her home and making sure she was going to fit and thrive in a family with a child under 6. She has brought us much joy in this short amount of time that she has been home and she seems to be taking to family life quite well. She is a sponge for affection and doesn’t quite know what to do with herself with all these new toys!

So thank you Betty, Daphne is as you said “Solid Gold” and we are so happy to have her in our little family!

With Love,
The Campbell Family

(Bethany, now Daphne)


Hi Betty,

I just wanted to send a recent snapshot of Costello, a black Greyhound that we adopted from Hemopet back in Aug 2009. I know you were a bit nervous about adopting out of the area, we live in the SF bay area, but I’m glad you gave us a chance. Costello is thriving here, loves his great big backyard and especially enjoys his weekend walks up to the Lafayette Resevoir! He’s also adjusted well w/ our 2 cats, although Sam will sometime take a swipe at Costello as he innocently runs into the house after his morning walk. Don’t get me wrong, their best of friends!

Anyway, here’s a picture of Costello relaxing after a Saturday afternoon backyard bath. Christa wrapped him up like a burrito and he immediately ran to Jake’s (our son) bed to warm up.

Jim, Christa, Jake and Costello




Hi Betty & Elizabeth!

Just wanted to let you know that Chukka is doing great and we are all very happy together. Last night I went out and James sent me this picture of all 4 of them sleeping together on the dog bed & pillows.

He is enjoying going on walks through the neighborhood 2-3x a day, and is wonderful at Zoe’s school with all the children crowding around him. He is starting to know his way around already! On Saturday they all went to dog park while I was working. Chukka didn’t show much interest in running around and came back to them easily. So yesterday afternoon we took him to dog beach. There were alot of people & dogs and he showed alot of interest in the water. I know you said to never let him off but I had a gut feeling and let him go. He shot off like a bullet, ran into the water, down the beach, turned around and came right back to me! Then he spent the next half hour playing fetch w/ 2 other big dogs in and out of the waves. They all got completely soaked, head & all! So thanks again for choosing such a great dog for us, we just LOVE him!

Chukka Adopted by Bridget and James


Rooskie says, “Just dropping by to let you know how exhausted I am after another hard day.”



Samson, aka Sammy has made a quick and easy adjustment to his forever home. After a week I am amazed how easily he’s adjusted. Now a valued member of the family enjoying beach walks, BBQ’s and a big soft bed.

He is very special, vibrant, confident and silly and affectionate all rolled into one.

He learns very quickly and loves to riding around town in my convertible with the top down.

Thank you to everyone who took care of him in the past, he is doing great and we will see you at the next dog wash.

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