Press Releases:
Proposed Legislation Changes to Rabies Vaccination Laws Based on Scientific Research

Dog Found On Freeway Gets Blood Transfusion From Rescue Greyhounds
Mother Knows Best with W. Jean Dodds
NPR – Red Cross For Rover: Inside Americas Canine Blood Banks
Steve Dale’s Pet World
NZ Dog World – Hypothyroidism
More Is Not Better: What Every Vet (And Pet Owner) Should Know About Vaccines
Our Life Plus Dogs
Stamford Vet at Center of Vaccination Debate
Pet Prep Radio with Sheri the Organic Pet Lady
Healthy Dog Club Interviews W. Jean Dodds
An Interview with W. Jean Dodds
The Immune System And Disease Resistance
Blood Tells All: A Conversation with W. Jean Dodds
The Fast Track to Rescue
Saving Lives in a Pinch
Interview an Expert: W. Jean Dodds

Garden Grove Dog Blood Bank Helps Save Life of K-9 Stung by Bees
Garden Grove Animal Blood Bank, Hemopet, in Jeopardy of Closing Due to Tax-Law Exclusion

Journal of American Holistic Veterinary Medicine:
“Functional Foods: The new paradigm based on nutrigenomics”; Volume 37, Summer 2014
“Food Intolerance: Diagnostic testing & dietary management”; Volume 37, Summer 2014
“Epigenetics: Programming for health and longevity”; Volume 37, Fall 2014

ABC News:
Late-Summer Shortages at Canine Blood Banks
Are We Overvaccinating Our Pets?

Washington Post:
Change in dog’s behavior: Thyroid dysfunction?
Half-Dose Vaccines
Strangers Hounded
Vaccine Reaction


Diagnosis of Feline Food Sensitivity and Intolerance Using Saliva: 1000 Cases

IVC Journal:
Rethinking Equine Vaccinations Part I
Rethinking Equine Vaccinations Part II
Know About Nutrigenomics

Veterinary Practice News:
Titers Join Debate on Vaccine Frequency
How to Test and Interpret Thyroid Function
Myths About Thyroid Disorders, Vaccines in Pets

Healthy Pets:
Nutrigenomics and the Pet Food Revolution
Tests and Treatments for Thyroid Disease in Pets
The Latest in Tests and Treatments for Thyroid Disease in Pets, Part 2
What Exactly Are Antibody Titers?
Is Your Vet a Cautious or Casual Vaccinator?
The Alarming Proposed Bill That Could Threaten Your Pet’s Life
The Hidden Signs of Hypothyroidism You Don’t Want to Miss
This Simple Test Pins Down Your Dog’s Food Sensitivities
Your Dog Has Hypothyroidism – or Does She?

What You Need to Know About the Rabies Vaccine
We Interview W. Jean Dodds, an Expert on Dog Thyroid Issues
Get the Facts on Food Sensitivities in Dogs
Jean Dodds Trailblazer for Veterinary Care
DNA and Diet
Two Dog Books Worth Your Time
Dog Laws: What you need to know about four major legal issues affecting dog owners in America
Natural Wellness: Can you overvaccinate?
Inside Hemopet, a Nonprofit Animal Blood Bank

The Bark:
The Best & Brightest in the World of Dogs
The Gut: The Key to Health
Why good nutrition matters
Brain Food: What we feed our seniors has a nose-to-tail affect on their quality of life

Equine Wellness Magazine:
Big Shots
What You Need to Know about Vaccines

Animal Wellness:
What you need to know about vaccination
The Rabies Challenge Fund
Strange behavior and thyroiditis
When NOT to Vaccinate

Fidose of Reality:
NutriScan Review
Dexter’s Favorite Dog Product Discoveries of 2012

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