Do greyhounds need a lot of room to run?
No, it is nice, but not necessary. Many greyhounds live in condos and stay fit taking regular daily walks on leash.

Are greyhounds hyper-active?
No. Greyhounds are mellow and sleep 90% of the time. They are quiet and unobtrusive indoors and become calm, devoted companions.
CAUTION: Greyhounds under 3 years old are still puppies and are more active.

Are greyhounds good with other dogs?
Almost always. Most greyhounds are not dominant or territorial and prefer the company of another dog. They love other greyhounds. CAUTION: small dogs may trigger some greyhounds “prey-drive”.

Can greyhounds be left in the yard?
No. Greyhounds are indoor dogs. They need comfortable bedding and protection from extremes in temperature.

Are there any special health concerns with greyhounds?
Yes. Greyhounds are sensitive to some forms of anesthesia. Low thyroid is common and easy to treat. Avoid temperature extremes. Gastric torsion or “bloat” is rare but life threatening.

Do greyhounds require a lot of grooming?
Very minimal. Teeth should be brushed regularly and nails trimmed every 2 weeks. Monthly bathing should suffice.

Are greyhounds playful?
Playfulness varies from dog to dog. Some are very playful and love stuffed toys and/or playing with other dogs while others would rather be “couch potatoes”.

Greyhounds have never lived in a home, are they easy to housebreak?
Yes. They are basically clean dogs. If you use a consistent routine and verbal praise then they will catch on very quickly. Avoid heavy-handed discipline.

Would a greyhound make a good watch dog?
No. There are exceptions, but as a rule greyhounds don’t bark.

Are greyhounds intelligent?
Yes. Greyhounds are not push-button, eager to please obedience dogs, but are definitely trainable using consistent gentle methods and praise. Bred and valued for centuries for ability to work at a distance from the master and therefore a rather independent minded breed that does not watch constantly for the next command.

Are greyhounds protective?
No. Greyhounds are docile and virtually non-aggressive towards people.

Can I let my greyhound off leash?
No. Greyhounds are fast and have an instinct to chase. For instance, they can go from 0 to 45 miles per hour in 3 strides. They are great on-leash companions.

Can greyhounds live with cats?
It is possible, but it depends on the individual dog. Greyhounds are an ancient hunting breed selected over centuries to pursue live prey. You will need to access your dogs “prey-drive” and act accordingly.

Are greyhounds good with children?
Greyhounds are very tolerant; however, gentle supervised kids are best. They are not usually interested in sustained play or continual wild activity. They are not demanding and need quiet time to themselves.

How long do greyhounds live?
A greyhound’s average lifespan is 12 to 14 years.