Skin & Intestinal

Coleen A. – Just received the results from one of the panels and sure enough my dog has antibodies for salmon and POTATO!?! Never ever would have thought that potato would be on the list. THANK YOU Nutriscan!

Nutriscan had the answers I was looking for! My vet told me that my dog was allergic to ALL animal proteins and recommended a RX diet that in my opinion had below average ingredients in it. What I found out by completing both panels was that he was allergic to 8 out of the 20 but in addition to some (not all) animal proteins he also had several carbohydrates he had antibodies to. It has been over a month now and I have been feeding him beef and I am thrilled to say he has had no reaction and is looking and feeling great!!!!! Thank You W. Jean Dodds !!!! 🙂

Itchy skin? Ear infections? Plus, gas, bloating and diarrhea? Check out the case studies about how NutriScan improved the health and well-being of companion pets!

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