Before NutriScan
Bella began persistently licking and chewing the hair off her hind legs and hips. Steroids and pruritus (anti-itch) medications had absolutely zero effect in relieving the symptoms. Additionally, she had indigestion that would result in wet burps.

NutriScan Revealed
NutriScan revealed that Bella should avoid beef, chicken, corn, duck, pork, turkey, venison, white fish, barley, potato, rabbit and salmon.

After NutriScan
After about one and one-half weeks on the new diet, Bella’s symptoms completely cleared up and she was taken off all anti-allergy medications. The hair on her hips and hind legs is slowly growing back. Her caregiver says that Bella is less bloated and has lost a few ounces due to the new appropriate diet, too.

The NutriScan test has made such a big difference in our dog, Bella! She is definitely a much happier and calmer dog. She used to pace around every night and now she sleeps like a dog.

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