Depending on your policy, most pet insurance companies cover not only routine checkups, but also emergency care, prescriptions, treatment and diagnostic testing such as CellBIO. Please check with your insurance provider or seek out health insurance for your companion pet.

CellBIO is the only clinically predictable diagnostic test for dogs to identify the presence of or predisposition to the oxidative stress damage to cells caused by inflammation, infection, obesity and cancer. The CellBIO test is patent protected.

     This rapid, practical test uses saliva and currently measures the biolipid marker, isoprostane, that is released from damaged cells into the dog’s saliva. High isoprostane levels indicate that the cells of the dog have or are undergoing oxidative stress that forms free radicals called “reactive oxygen species”.

Yes, because saliva testing can reveal the latent or pre-clinical form of cellular oxidative stress damage.

Unlike Hemopet’s NutriScan test which does require strict overnight fasting, fasting is optional for the CellBIO test.

The test requires 0.5-1 ml of saliva so it can be run in duplicate. It is important to collect enough saliva.

Yes, about half of the length of the rope or the sample tube with the newer kits should be wet with saliva.

You can place a piece of tempting food in front of the pet’s nose to stimulate salivation, but don’t let him actually eat the treat.

Yes; please try to minimize any contamination.

No, room temperature is fine. Please do not freeze the saliva sample.

Salivary antigens are stable for up to 30 days after collection, and the rope can be re-hydrated in our lab with a small measured amount of saline, if needed.

The level of isoprostane in the saliva.    

The normal or negative level is 0. 5-1.75 ng/mL.of saliva.

Anything greater than 1.75 ng/mL of saliva is considered to be elevated (positive). Levels as high as 3.94 ng/mL have been observed among the 338 samples tested to date (May 2020).

We suggest repeat testing every 12-18 months in healthy pets, and every 4-6 months in pet with cellular oxidative stress.

Yes, one or more assays will be added to this test once validated.

Please send back the sample within 10 days of collection. You can send the samples via FedEx, UPS or USPS Priority Mail. Return mailing to Hemopet needs to be in a protected package or envelope. No refrigeration is necessary, and the saliva sample is viable for up to 30 days; however we do recommend that the sample should arrive at Hemopet within 10 days of being taken.

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