Name: Bradlee
Breed: Pit Bull
Age: 5 years old
Sex: Male

Before NutriScan
Bradlee suffered from major red skin eruptions that caused large patches of hair loss and pustules. He was also having some gastrointestinal bouts of diarrhea.

NutriScan Revealed
Bradlee has food intolerances to corn, cow’s milk, pork, turkey, venison, wheat, white fish, quinoa, rabbit, rice and sweet potatoes. 

After NutriScan
Within four weeks of changing Bradlee’s diet to avoid the reactive foods, he showed significant improvements. His bouts of diarrhea subsided, his skin was healing from the irritations and his hair was growing again. Most importantly, he was happier and more energetic. He still battles with environmental sensitivities, but those are more manageable as the compound cause of food was fixed.

I have seen a major improvement in my boy Bradlee since eliminating the reactive foods from his diet… Skin is sooo much better… Stomach issue subsided and he just seems happier all around and more energetic!!! I thank you for letting us participate in the study and I will def. recommend this testing to my clients now that I know firsthand it can make a huge difference! 

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