Stella’s Stellar Comeback

Name: Stella
Breed: Long Coat Chihuahua
Age: 2 years old
Sex: Female

Before NutriScan
When the NutriScan staff heard from Stella’s mom, she was gravely concerned. Stella would have bloody diarrhea frequently and jelly-like consistency feces. The veterinarian prescribed her a dog food which helped slightly. However, Stella still would have days of not eating at all, lethargy, diarrhea, clear vomit, and gurgling sounds from her belly. On top of that, Stella’s feet were pink where she licked and chewed them nonstop. She was also losing hair, tucking her tail, hunching her back, and her ears were not the normal Chihuahua perky.

NutriScan Revealed
Stella had food intolerances to cow’s milk, turkey, venison and white fish.

After NutriScan
Stella’s mom reported that after being on a new diet for approximately 5 weeks, she was starting to see some huge changes. Stella’s ear leather became firmer, she hadn’t had diarrhea in weeks and her activity level was better than it had been since she was a very young puppy. The attending veterinarian said Stella would continue to change and optimum results would not occur for a few more weeks as it can take at least 8 weeks for a true food changeover and to rid her system of the old foods. At the time, Stella was currently in season so she was starting to blow her coat but the texture of her coat was already much better. Her mom expected her coat to come back in even thicker and nicer after her season.

She’s our little doll baby and we can tell she feels so much better. Stella is doing just wonderfully. I am so thankful for the NutriScan test. I can’t even remember the last time Stella had diarrhea or had one of her sickly, lethargic days. She is playful, full of energy and life. These results have been a blessing!

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