Duncan’s Tummy Troubles

Name: Duncan
Breed: Irish Wolfhound
Age: 2 years old
Sex: Male

Before NutriScan
Duncan’s breeder had given his mom a low quality kibble to start Duncan’s journey to solid food. Duncan had endlessly regurgitated it. As he grew, she tried other foods but the regurgitation and diarrhea persisted. She also spent a few thousand dollars at a specialty clinic to try to find a solution. Duncan was eventually diagnosed with irritable bowel disease and the attending veterinarian put him on a hypoallergenic venison and potato kibble that cost $98.00 per bag. The vet also put him on steroids which made his hair thin and his skin full of sores from a suppressed immune system. Since his mother had never personally needed steroid medications, she was unaware and not informed by the vet of the long term effects of steroids and that they could be reduced to lower the immediate side effects. 

A dermatologist informed Duncan’s mother to seek a $300.00 consultation with a pet nutritionist. Duncan’s new homemade food included millet, egg, and pork.  

After personally searching online for solutions, Duncan’s mom came across W. Jean Dodds’ NutriScan information and food sensitivity kit. 

NutriScan Revealed
NutriScan testing revealed that Duncan should avoid milk, white fish, barley and rabbit. However, due to the persistent problems Duncan was having, his mom decided to avoid the foods to which Duncan also had a weak reaction. 

After NutriScan
Within a week of changing his food based on the NutriScan results, Duncan’s hair began to grow back. The sores and dark spots on his skin began to disappear. His stool firmed and his stomach settled. He’s now free of all medication and he’s a much happier, healthier dog.

Duncan’s mom changed his diet to a grain-free bison, peas and sweet potato. She also cooks beef tongue and stews meat in a slow crock, grinds it in a processor, mixes it with cooked millet, egg and vitamin supplements (all this per his nutritionist). Additionally, she gives him cooked carrots, green beans and other vegetables. 

Searching on-line for solutions I stumbled upon W. Jean Dodds’ NutriScan information and food sensitivity kit. Got the kit, let Duncan chew on the little rope to get it nice and slobbery, put it in the tube, sealed it, sent it back to Hemopet. I got the results a week later. Imagine my surprise to learn Duncan is sensitive to everything the dermatologist ordered many other things I gave him such as milk, cottage cheese, chicken venison, potato, barley, and white fish. Of the 24 foods on the test list Duncan’s two safe meats are Beef and Lamb. It was the best $280 dollars I ever spent.

I have taken the Hemopet pamphlets to the store where I buy Duncan’s food, to my vet and the specialty. Veterinarians have an obligation to at least give their clients the decision to try the test instead of telling them that tests for food allergies are unpredictable. What they don’t explain is that the blood test may be unpredictable but the Hemopet Saliva Food Sensitivity Test may provide answers.

(Many thanks to Clifton Page for taking fabulous photos of Duncan.)

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