The Best Article of 2022: Exposing the DCM Debate

Helen Santoro, in our view, authored the most unbiased and best – yet likely the most overlooked – exposé regarding the debate on dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) in companion dogs. While we had read the article when it was released in July, we wanted to wait for responses from the named veterinarians and veterinary nutritionists who led the charge, that apparently roped in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Crickets (no communication). Even the media were ’crickets’ on the exposé

Unfortunately, to this day, some of the unfounded claims – or claims that were based upon assertedly biased-research – prevail to this day. 

We will only comment here on one thing. We have now realized that Ms. Santoro uncovered a high degree of influence after obtaining communications through the Freedom of Information Act. 

Please remember that DCM is a complicated condition. Thus far, grain-free foods or foods made with pulse ingredients (lentils, peas) have not been directly linked to DCM. In fact, there is contradictory evidence – or evidence that nullifies those claims – that is based upon unbiased research. 

The veterinarians and veterinary nutritionists who have spearheaded and steadfastly held onto their campaign against these foods, despite the lack of credible evidence, actually are the catalyst that provoked more pertinent nutritional research to be performed by unbiased researchers. 

Please read Helen Santoro’s article and come to your own conclusions. 

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