BioBlend Success Stories

“D.D.”, Shetland Sheepdog, MN, 4 yrs old, 20 lbs. 

History of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), food intolerances and patchy hair loss with dry, dull haircoat. Reactive to 19 of 24 foods on Nutriscan testing in early 2021; these foods were removed from his diet. The CellBIO isoprostane concentration at that time was elevated at 2.11 ng/ml, indicating that he was experiencing increased cellular oxidative stress (OS). [Our established normal range is 0. 5-1.75 ng/ml]. He also tested positive for heritable autoimmune thyroiditis and related hypothyroidism, a condition quite prevalent in this breed. After being placed on thyroxine therapy twice daily, his thyroid dysfunction has resolved. He was placed on CellBIO supplements for OS and retesting 2 months later showed a normal CellBIO level of 0.70 ng/ml. 

This past fall, Nutriscan resting showed no reactive foods among the 24 foods tested. A “happy camper“ now, he continues on the Nutriscan restricted diet and CellBIO Super6 supplement. 


“L.R.”, Swiss Herding Dog, FS, 3.75 yrs old, 32 lbs. 

History of bowel issues and severe uveitis and related eye problems; and sadly is now blind. Food intolerances were identified in spring 2020 and again in early 2021. These foods have been eliminated from her diet. CellBIO was 2.0 ng/ml in 2020 and now 1.28 ng/ml, which is normal after CellBIO Super6 supplementation. 

Another CellBIO test is pending receipt of a new saliva sample. 


“E.E.”, Old English Sheepdog, FS, ~ 12 yrs old, 80 lb. 

Healthy overall and active. Testing CellBIO was for background check only. In summer 2019, CellBIO level was 2.40 ng/ml, them in early 2020 it had climbed to 3.35 ng/ml/ CellBIO supplement was started and follow up testing levels were 1.13 ng/.ml and 1.30 ng/ml 6 months later and now are 0.70 ng/ml. 

She remains on the supplement.


“L.H.”, Tibetan Spaniel, M, 3.5 yrs old, 15 lbs. 

Has been healthy but recently has been howling and barking when left alone even with spouse at home. Red color between foot pads and soft stool, lip smacking, stomach gurling, licking nose. Good appetite but stressed, Still needs vet clinic examination with blood and urine testing. CellBIO run in fall 2021 was very high (4.15 ng/ml) , although Nutriscan test showed him only reactive to Cow Milk, . After CellBIO supplement use, early 2022 retest was very good at 0.7 ng/ml. CellBIO supplement will be continued.

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