Brandy’s Burden to Wear

Name: Brandy
Breed: Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
Age: 5 years old
Sex: Female

Before NutriScan
In 2011, Brandy was very itchy as a puppy that the constant scratching led to rashes and resulted in large patches of hair missing. Her parents ruled out fleas. Special hypoallergenic shampoos were no help. Only wearing a t-shirt helped Brandy’s hair grow but the scratching continued nonstop. Exasperated by the pain her puppy was going through, her mom inquired in a Toller chatroom and discovered NutriScan.

NutriScan Revealed
NutriScan, during 2011, tested for the six most highly reactive foods: beef; corn; milk; soy; wheat; and, chicken eggs. Brandy had a strong reaction to all of the foods except eggs. Her mom was baffled about the soy as that was not in Brandy’s diet. After much research, she found out that mixed tocopherols (preservatives) are usually derived from soy in the United States.

After NutriScan
Within two weeks of removing the offending foods, Brandy stopped scratching and her hair started to grow back. However, the story does not end there….

Test #2 – NutriScan Revealed
So pleased that Brandy’s NutriScan results allowed her to finally live a healthier life, her parents decided to test again in August 2012 when the test was expanded to include 20 foods. The second test revealed that Brandy reacted to corn and white fish. 

After NutriScan Test #2
Her parents eliminated all white-colored ocean fish, which also includes menhaden, pollock (pollack), sardines and herring. They also heeded W. Jean Dodds advice on reintroducing foods that did not reveal a reaction during a follow up test. Basically, if you stop feeding a reactive food, you should expect the reactivity to diminish and even disappear within several months. BUT, if you refed that food, the reactivity can reappear — so reactive foods should still not be fed even after their level is reduced. 

Three years later, in 2015, her parents slightly fed the original offending foods – beef, milk, eggs, and the mixed tocopherols that are derived from soy. Brandy did not have immediate reactions to beef, milk or eggs. Indeed, though, Brandy still has pronounced reactions to mixed tocopherols.

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