Burning from the Inside Out

Name: Skylar
Breed: Pit Bull
Age: 6 years old
Sex: Female (spayed)

Before and After NutriScan Testing

Before NutriScan
For three years, Skylar battled food sensitivities. Her initial symptoms were chronic ear infections, which were constantly “fixed” with ear drops from the veterinarian and those only worked for a short time. Her skin also turned blood red and developed hot spots. In fact, Skylar would scratch herself until she bled. Her caregiver would clean her wounds and place coconut oil on them to reduce the pain. 

After hundreds of dollars in blood work, the veterinarians determined that her condition was caused by seasonal, airborne sensitivities. Skylar was prescribed steroids, prescription dog food and anti-allergy drops. The steroids helped for the short time she was on them. The prescription food wasn’t changing anything. The oral allergy drops were surely not helping. Skylar’s parents switched her to another dry dog food because the ingredients were better than the prescription food. 

NutriScan Revealed
NutriScan testing revealed that Skylar had sensitivities to several foods. Skylar needed to avoid beef, chicken, corn, duck, soy, milk, pork, turkey, venison, wheat, white fish, barley, lentils, millet, oatmeal, peanuts, potatoes, quinoa, rabbit, rice, salmon and sweet potatoes. 

After NutriScan
Approximately two weeks after switching Skylar to a completely homemade diet, Skylar’s hair started growing back, her skin was no longer blood red, she stopped scratching herself to the point of bleeding, and her horrible stench disappeared.  

Just sending a huge thanks for offering this service to animal owners that are desperate for answers! We received our results 2 weeks ago and could not be more impressed with the change in our dog. I thought I was feeding her what was best but she was still itchy and getting hot spots. Thanks to the testing I found out the only thing in her current dog food that was giving her a reaction was the lentils. Skylar is now getting home cooked lamb, chick peas, steamed veggies, and fresh fruits! I cannot thank you enough for helping us fix this dilemma we were in for years from not getting any answers from the vets we were seeing. We truly appreciate all your work!

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