Disney’s Amazing Success Story

Name: Disney
Breed: Bloodhound
Sex: Male
Age: 6 months

Before NutriScan
Ever since he was approximately 16 weeks old, Disney developed the following symptoms: He consistently had runny diarrhea or very soft greenish stools, had a gurgly, gassy stomach daily, would sometimes vomit bile upon waking up with an empty stomach, and he was always starving, even right after a meal. Disney also obsessively tried to eat dirt, rocks, bushes, grass, wood shavings and bark and had all the symptoms of pica. He was so hyperactive that his class instructors suggested giving him drugs to calm him enough so that he would be able to concentrate to learn. Disney would wake up early in the morning howling because his tummy hurt, which broke Mom’s heart. Disney was the biggest puppy in his litter and was gaining weight well, but his Mom and primary Vet knew that there was something organically wrong with this puppy.

Disney’s Mom had been feeding the same commercial dry food that he was being fed when she got him from his breeder. The primary protein was chicken and another main ingredient was corn. When Disney’s  primary Vet and his breeder suspected food intolerance, his Mom switched Disney to a Salmon and Rice dry dog food, but the puppy was not showing any signs of improvement. If it hadn’t been for the NutriScan test results, Disney’s Mom would never have been able to determine all of Disney’s food intolerances by trial and error. The fish oil intolerance caused his inability to eat most of the dry dog food in the Pet Stores and online. Fish oil was even present in a premium Bison protein kibble that his Mom had tried feeding him. At maturity Disney will weigh about 125 lbs., so his Mom wants to include some dry dog food in his diet rather than cooking all of his meals from scratch. Disney’s Mom is so grateful to W. Jean Dodds and NutriScan for providing the information needed to help the puppy that she adores.

NutriScan Revealed
Disney has food intolerance to cow’s milk, cheese, corn, sweet potatoes, chicken, pork, venison, white fish including herring, sardines and fish oil, peanuts, and salmon. 

After NutriScan
Once Disney’s Mom received Disney’s NutriScan results, she removed those foods indicated as intolerances from his diet and switched to a rotation of 6 weeks on each of 3 proteins, buffalo, duck then lamb. She also bought human grade grass-fed, grass-finished antibiotic-free ground beef and gave Disney ½ lb. per day in cooked meatball form. She also added Nutrigest  probiotic powder to his meals twice a day. Since Disney is a Giant Breed, who was already 65 lbs. and would be 125 lbs. in a few months, she was not ready to home cook all of his meals. Mom started searching for a kibble without fish oil and was surprised to find out that most dog kibble on the shelves contains fish oil. Once Mom found Canine Caviar, a top quality food with no added fish oil, and with separate suitable Limited ingredient Buffalo, Duck and Lamb dry dog food without sweet potatoes or other additives that Disney could not have, she ordered it immediately. It was pricey, but definitely worth every penny. Disney loved his new diet and Mom was so excited and relieved to finally being able to help her precious puppy.

He is like a different dog. The puppy no longer has diarrhea, no more upset stomach and gas with gurgling, he stopped trying to swallow dirt, bark and rocks obsessively, he feels satisfied after a meal and no longer vomits bile in the morning when he wakes up, and he is no longer hyperactive. Before his diet change, several trainers had suggested calming medications so that he could be able to focus and learn. All of these changes occurred within two weeks of Disney’s diet changes recommended by W. Jean Dodds using the NutriScan test results.

 I’m really grateful to W. Jean Dodds and NutriScan because I was so frustrated by not knowing what to do to help my puppy. It was a terrible way for him to exist in constant GI discomfort and I felt so helpless. More than one Vet ran tests and tried to diagnose Disney’s problem. They ran tests that ruled out a lot of conditions, but did not give us the cause of Disney’s constant discomfort. Luckily, his primary Vet highly recommended the NutriScan test. She said that it provided valuable information that had helped some of her other clients learn which foods to eliminate from their pet’s diet. In my case, a happy puppy makes a happy Mom, so the NutriScan test has improved the quality of both of our lives. I am so grateful to W. Jean Dodds for helping me fully interpret all of the NutriScan results and developing a protein rotation plan for my puppy. Rotating the tolerated proteins should help keep Disney from developing a food intolerance to one of his now permitted proteins. Disney will not outgrow any of his current food intolerances. They are not temporary but for a lifetime. Obviously, I want to do everything possible to prevent Disney from developing an additional new food intolerance.

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