Jojan the 19 Year Old Cat

Name: Jojan
Breed: Domestic Shorthair Cat
Age: 19 years old
Sex: Female

Jojan NutriScan Case Study Cat

Before NutriScan
Jojan experienced intermittent weight loss and loss of appetite.

NutriScan Revealed
NutriScan demonstrated that Jojan has food intolerances to milk, white fish and corn.

After NutriScan
Jojan’s parents stopped feeding everything with white fish, milk and corn. They eliminated all supplements which could not be verified corn or milk free. Additionally, they switched to using grass fed, free range meats in their homemade cat food.

Her parents decided to implement Jojan’s dietary changes in three stages. With each change, Jojan had noticeable and remarkable improvements in mood and appetite. She has not gained weight yet but her parents are hopeful that the switch to grass fed livestock will be the final push needed to get her inflammation down and health back on track.

We’re super appreciative of the progress we’re making on our kitty’s health as a result of the Nutriscan test.

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