Luke – Lethargic to Lucky

Name: Luke
Breed: Golden Retriever
Age: 8 years old
Sex: Male (neutered)

Before NutriScan
Luke experienced reactions to almost all dog foods. His symptoms ranged from mild bloat to gas. Eventually, his condition progressed to major life threatening bloat, vomiting and diarrhea for six years. Luke’s hair also thinned and he was lethargic. Numerous veterinarians repeatedly recommended trying different novel protein sources and grain-free foods. When he developed a torsed liver and had emergency major surgery, the vet prescribed chicken, turkey and rice.

NutriScan Revealed
NutriScan testing revealed that Luke had reactions to chicken, turkey, venison, rice, soy, corn, oatmeal, potatoes and white fish.

After NutriScan
After removing the reactive foods and ensuring that Luke’s dry salmon food did not contain white fish as a “fish meal”, he regained his vitality and coat. His stools are perfect. He no longer vomits and he eats half lamb and half salmon specialty food.

The client expresses regret that she didn’t know about Nutriscan earlier in his life, but feels Luke’s life has been extended by knowing what to avoid and he now has quality of life.

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