Mickey 10

Name: Mickey
Breed: Goldendoodle 
Age: 2 years old 
Sex: Male 

Before NutriScan 
Mickey was nicknamed “Mickey 10shi*z” because he was going to the bathroom between 8-11 times per night. (Honestly, his parents were at wit’s end and felt so bad for him that they had to find humor in the situation somehow.) On top of his persistent potty breaks, Mickey also belched quite a bit and his stomach made many noises such as grumbling, gurgling and indigestion sounds. He appeared to be so uncomfortable, which affected his ability to sleep. Mickey would also compulsively lick toys almost as soothers. Mickey’s parents weren’t too sure if he were nauseous, uncomfortable or both. He wasn’t even a year old and his parents were VERY concerned. 

NutriScan Revealed 
NutriScan testing revealed that Mickey needed to avoid venison, turkey, potatoes, corn, white fish, lentils, millet, oatmeal, peanut, rabbit and rice. 

After NutriScan 
Once the old food cleared out, his stomach was almost immediately better. As well, his parents are grateful they know exactly what to avoid. He has had virtually no tummy problems at all 

It’s been a pleasure to have Mickey happy and healthy! 

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