Tank’s Story: NutriScan Case Study

Before NutriScan

Tank had stomach issues such as loose stools since he was 8 weeks old. Additionally, he had recurring ear infections and rashes that turned into bacterial skin infections from scratching. Tank’s blood panels were inconclusive. He was on a grain-free food which seemed to help some but not at the level his mom would have anticipated or wanted.

NutriScan Revealed

The NutriScan test results demonstrated that Tank has food intolerances to venison and white fish.

After NutriScan

NutriScan staff checked in with Tank’s mom approximately one week after she received his test results. At the time, she had just switched his food to a limited ingredient diet, changed his fish oil to coconut oil, and switched his probiotic from the venison flavored brand he had been receiving.

Two months later, his mom reported that Tank had improved greatly. His patchy hair was growing back in, his stools were firm, and he had not had an ear or skin infection since the food was changed. He still experienced gunky and dirty ears, but the problem has subsided with regular cleanings.

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