The Benefits of Companion Pet Necropsy

Companion pet death can create long-lasting emotional trauma for many for years. If the death occurred suddenly or in an emergency situation, companion pet parents are often left wondering what happened. Veterinarians can give best guesses based on scientific research, but a necropsy simply gives us a better and possibly a definitive reason as to the cause of death.

What is a necropsy? Put simply, a necropsy is an autopsy of an animal. The word “autopsy” is used exclusively for humans. Both are postmortem examinations of a body to help determine a cause of death. While autopsies are standard procedures, necropsies are more rare.  

Hemopet empathizes that losing a pet is possibly one of the most emotionally draining experiences ever encountered. We have been there ourselves. 

Oftentimes, all of us end up going through the motions upon the sudden loss. We end up with large pet healthcare bills and just want the exhausting experience to be over. We want our babies back in some way through either cremation or burial. Please pause before the cremation or burial and request a necropsy from your veterinarian. 

We understand; their poor little bodies have already been through so much. However, a necropsy will not only give you a better understanding of what caused, or contributed to, your companion pet’s passing, but also can help other companion pets around the world by furthering our knowledge of animal health and healthcare. 

Unfortunately, a necropsy is an additional expense incurred by the companion caregiver. However, most veterinary schools and private pet support groups offer low-cost options. So, before you are stuck in a bad situation, please look into your options and be prepared. 


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