Tools to Remove Fur from Furniture

Did anybody else think there appeared to be a shortage of disposable lint rollers due to the pandemic last year? This is simply an anecdotal observation.

Anyway, after a desperate attempt to try to limit lint roller usage to remove fur from furniture or clothes, we realized that sometimes these lint removal products are not as effective as we thought. Plus, they aren’t the most environmentally-friendly implements.

Indeed, effectiveness of fur removal products really comes down to the type of fur and the fabric.

Instead of us telling you what to use, we posed the question to companion pet caregivers who follow us on Facebook. We asked them to tell us about the type of fur, like prickly or soft, and fabric. There were so many great tips! Feel free to read over them and join the conversation with your own findings!

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By the way, W. Jean Dodds has removed fur over the years from carpets and rugs by simply wearing crepe-soled shoes or sandals and then using them to “sweep” the offending fur into rolls and pick it up!

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