A Healthy Pet for A Happy Home

A Healthy Pet For A Happy Home

The Whole Pet Promise

Our saliva-based food intolerance test takes the guesswork out of improving the quality of life for your precious pet. Hemopet’s real science results in real data to help you better understand and sustain the wellbeing of your whole pet.


$ 298
  • NutriScan tests for the most commonly ingested foods of up to 112 ingredients to provide you specific results as to your pet’s food intolerance or sensitivities.
  • Do at home
  • Measures both IgA and IgM antibodies
  • Patent Protected


$ 150
  • CellBIO is a novel biomarker test for cellular oxidative stress in pets using saliva. It measures Cellular Oxidative Stress and Microbiome Health.
  • Do at home
  • Measures biomarker isoprotone
  • Patent Protected


$ 59
  • BioBlend Super 6 is a daily supplement developed based upon patented novel technology that combines 6 important key ingredients to reduce cellular oxidative stress in pets.
  • Daily Routine
  • Supports Dog Health
  • Patent Protected

Key Benefits

Hemopet’s whole novel approach to pet care has the benefit of targeted solutions for specific conditions. Exclusive diagnostic tests and analysis foster better nutrition and optimal health- allowing our beloved home companions to thrive.


How We're Giving It ALL Back

At Hemopet we pride ourselves on social responsibility and giving back to our community. ALL of our proceeds go to the non profit which further benefits animals through our various functions. We are working with pet parents and organizations to help diagnose and treat hundreds of pets at our Hemopet Holistic Care Clinic for companion pet patients and Hemolife Diagnostics, which includes NutriScan, CellBio and comprehensive veterinary blood work and analyses.  Hemopet is a nonproft entity, monies collected are used to support our services and research. The purchase of a NutriScan or CellBIO kit will not only help your companion animal but will greatly benefit the thousands of animals we touch every day through our services and research. Hemopet gladly offers a 10% discount on all its services to all animal-related 501(c) 3 non-profits.


We need your help. In actuality thousands of companion animals need your help. Please consider joining the list of donators on our giving tree. Your donation will help provide lifesaving blood services, on site clinical care, diagnostic services both at your home and in our facilities and non stop research for our mission of maintaining the well being of our beloved companion animals.

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