Hemopet Fresh-Frozen Plasma Special

Canine Fresh-Frozen Plasma, after thawing, is indicated for parenteral replacement of coagulation factors, albumin, globulins, electrolytes and other nutrients of plasma. However, in clinically significant hypoalbuminemia secondary to chronic liver, kidney, or gastrointestinal disorders, it is impossible to provide sufficient plasma proteins by giving whole plasma to resuscitate a depleted patient. Canine fresh-frozen plasma can provide plasma volume expansion for resuscitation of hypovolemic patients in shock, but should not be used for routine volume expansion. (Crystalloid or synthetic colloid solutions such as 6% Hetastarch, Pentastarch or Dextran 70 are preferred). The volume needs of a canine patient for treatment or prophylaxis will depend upon the clinical assessment of the attending clinician or surgeon. The product is most useful in treatment or short term prophylaxis of bleeding and for physiological conditions that benefit from plasma protein replacement. Read more: Canine Fresh-Frozen Plasma

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